16 September 2020

We bought a house!

Yes, you read that right — we bought a house IN THE SAME WEEK that we got married. Call us crazy, because that’s exactly what we are! We didn’t plan for it all to happen at once, but it did and man it was a crazy week. I could hardly wait to get married because all I wanted to do was move in and work on the darn thing.

We’re already planning all the amazing we’re gonna do to this place, and I want to write all about it here. Built in the 1950s, its a historic home in a great part of town. I want to bring some of the mid century elements to life, but also add a bit of Americana meets rustic farmhouse meets French country meets ornate Parisian — Sarah in a nutshell.

I’m so excited to share my crazy ideas and projects with you. We’re gonna power wash, remove old crusty paint, buy a couch, get a pool, and make this little piece of land ours. It needs a little TLC, but we’re ready to give plenty of that.

My imagination has been running wild, and I’m totally okay with that. This is our home!! Can’t wait to share all of the updates with you guys!

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