Dear everyone, today I want to share with you the best kept secret in Boston: The Druid, an Irish pub located in Inman Square in Cambridge.

I’ve been to a lot of Irish pubs in Boston, but none compare to this one. This place is as authentic as it comes. It is the best Irish pub I’ve ever been to in the United States.

Walk in and you will be warmly greeted by an Irish waiter and welcomed to a seat at the bar.

There’s Irish art and posters on the walls, and often times traditional music is playing. Take it all in.

Next choose your drink. Okay, that’s not hard. Don’t even bat an eye at ordering a Guinness. This place has the best glass of Guinness you can get stateside. It tastes like it was made days prior, which it probably was, since I’d like to think that Boston is one of the first places that Guinness is imported to in the United States.

Now time to eat. You can’t go wrong here, but don’t get me started on the fish and chips… I don’t have the words to describe it. They serve the cod in newspaper with chips. It’s so flaky, lightly breaded, and perfectly cooked. You have to top it with malted vinegar. This dish has won awards. We always get a side of curry sauce to dip the chips in, too.

But this day we went for brunch, and I got the Irish breakfast which did not disappoint. I ate it all!

Irish breakfast, black and white pudding, brown bread, Smithwicks, Guinness, curry chips. It doesn’t matter, it’s all delicious.

Going here feels like being in Ireland. It is amazing without even trying. You see, Ireland holds a special place in my heart. I studied abroad there in college, and visited with my family to celebrate our family history. When I leave this place, I dip out into Cambridge, back into reality, but I feel like I should be strolling to my bed and breakfast in Tipperary.

The Druid is by far my favorite restaurant. If you’re in the area, I pray you go and support these guys! You can check out their website here. You can thank me later!

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