Here comes the time for the ultimate showdown between Ladurée and Pierre Hermé. You probably know from my recent post that I claimed Ladurée to have the best macarons in Paris. Well, what about the famous Pierre Hermé macarons?

Pierre Hermé is a pastry chef and chocolatier. He is known as the Macaron Magician and the Picasso of Pastry. His macarons are very, very good and world renowned. So I will preface my review by saying that all of this is just my opinion, and my opinion is not worth much!

a half eaten Pierre Hermé macaron

However, it’s hard for me to review Pierre Hermé macarons without comparing them to Ladurée’s. Funny enough, Hermé used to be the head pastry chef at Ladurée and is responsible for a few of their flavors on their menu. But in my opinion, Ladurée is the epitome of a perfect macaron. To me, Ladurée has the whole package of flavor, consistency, texture. Pierre Hermé has more innovative and unique flavors to choose from, and is more adventurous in their flavor combinations. However, I find that overall I prefer Ladurée’s macarons, which I think have a crisper and smoother outer shell, and a lighter and creamier filling that melts in your mouth, all with delectable flavors.

In the end though, this is really just splitting hairs! Pierre Hermé has been named the world’s best pastry chef, and his macarons are quite simply exquisite. I think it is all about what you prefer. For me, the texture of the crispy outer shell and creamy interior is why I love macarons so much, and I find that Ladurée does this a little bit better. But there are a lot of people out there who prefer Pierre Hermé’s macarons and their fun flavor combinations. To put it simply, if I walked by Pierre Hermé, I would still go in, buy a dozen, eat them all probably within 10 minutes. So you know what? C’est la vie! Life is too short to worry about it. Just go buy your favorite macarons, sit by the Seine, eat and enjoy with a bottle of wine and a friend.

Oh, and Pierre Hermé is also a chocolatier. While we were there we bought a blonde chocolate bar that we savored every. last. bite. of. Sadly they don’t ship to the US. This brought literal tears to my eyes. I will bring home a whole suitcase of them when I return!

Overall, I rate Pierre Hermé macarons as:

4/5 – Great, I will definitely be back!

À tout a l’heure, Pierre Hermé!

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