We got married!

14 September 2020

Dear everyone, I am married!! We just had an absolute whirlwind of a weekend. I can’t even explain to you how joyous it felt to be surrounded by all the people I hold closest to my heart. It’s been tough getting back into work mode but we’re looking forward to a moving into our new home and taking a quick honeymoon trip in the coming…

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Santa Fe Green Chile Stew

18 June 2020
green chile stew in a blue Le Creuset French oven

I think I’m on Santa Fe kick! Awhile back, I wrote about my favorite coffee shop in Santa Fe, Iconik. Today, I’m making a dish that was inspired by my time in New Mexico — green chile stew. This ended up on our table all thanks to my fiancé, who is now completely and totally in love with everything green chiles. I’d never had a…

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Peach Beach Dessert

15 June 2020
peaches and cream trifle

Hey everyone!! It’s been a good weekend. Ever since moving back to the Midwest, I’ve spent my time getting my life together. That’s included (1) organizing my stacks of papers and technological clutter that’s gone unattended for years, (2) deciding to postpone our wedding reception and all the work associated with that, (3) spending time with family that I’ve missed so much. I’ve been running…

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Mango Shrimp Salad

12 June 2020
mango shrimp salad in a blue and white bowl

The best ideas come in the shower. My fiancé was taking a shower when an idea of ingenuity struck. We’d been struggling with ideas for healthy recipes to make for dinner. Suddenly, he shouted, “I’ve got it! Mango shrimp salad!” He finished getting ready, and we were so excited for dinner that we went to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for it. When…

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Italian Meatballs

4 June 2020

I’ve never been to Italy, but I know there’s nothing better than a good Italian Meatball. Someday I hope to eat meatballs while sitting at a restaurant in Italy. But for now, I’ll settle with making Italian food at home. My fiancé and I have been working on this recipe for a long time — tweaking it and making it our own, and I’d say…

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3 June 2020

One of the things I’ve started doing to reduce waste in the kitchen is to make recipes out of the odds and ends I have laying around. Using absolutely everything I have also helps me to be more creative in the kitchen and more frugal! One of my favorite things to make with my food scraps is pesto. Pesto is so versatile, quick, and easy…

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Strawberry Jam

31 May 2020

It’s strawberry season!! I ran out of my Bonne Maman jam, so naturally my solution was to make my own homemade strawberry jam 🍓 with strawberries from the farmer’s market. As much as I love Bonne Maman (and basically all French products!), I also love making my own basics at home so that I know that my fridge is stocked with fresh, natural ingredients. Making…

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A French Breakfast (cafe au lait and croissants)

24 May 2020
steaming hot coffee with a blue french press and croissants

Bonjour! This morning, I’m making a true French breakfast, otherwise known as le petit déjeuner, which is a spread of café au lait and croissants. Café au lait The café au lait is commonly served for breakfast in France. Half coffee, half steamed milk, but don’t you dare use cream. We made it using a French Press percolator, which you’ll often find in households throughout…

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Banoffee Pie

18 March 2020

These past couple of weeks have been unimaginable. But in light of all of this craziness, I think it’s important to take a step back and focus on something other than the media, to calm ourselves from the anxiety of it all and reconnect with what it means to be human. With the bars and restaurants closed in an attempt to social distance, we couldn’t…

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