Hello, world. This is my weird little blog. Some things you should know about me: I have a dog named Cormac. Okay, he’s not even really my dog, he’s my boyfriend’s dog, but he still loves me just the same. And I figure I pick up his poop everyday, so that’s true love.

I recently packed up my bags and moved halfway across the country to good ol’ Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is a strange place. The people are cold and the weather is cold. But you know what? The weather in Ohio is colder. It’s just really, really wet here.

I’m not quite sure if Cormac loves living in Boston, seeing as there isn’t a lot of room for him to stretch his paws. Maybe it’ll be easier for him when the weather warms and he can run around the trails nearby, or when his parents can afford a four-legged sister to be his best friend.

When the sun comes out (which will probably be in April), the plan is to travel around to some of the state parks here. And see New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, and Maine. We also want to go to some breweries in Vermont. Cormac’s invited too! We’ll pack him up in the Kona coffee car and hit the road.

I hope you guys enjoy reading along and hearing about our adventures here!

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