Iggy’s Bread, Cambridge

5 May 2019

This morning I popped Cormac in his cage (much to his dismay), threw on some sweatpants, and walked over to Iggy’s Bakery. This has become one of my favorite places to go in Cambridge. There is nothing better than getting a self-serve iced coffee and a chocolate croissant to enjoy on a Sunday morning. The chocolate croissant is stuffed to the brim with chocolate (which you know that I love).

While getting breakfast, you can also get your loaf of bread for the week. My favorite is sourdough. Other delicacies include 7 grain bread, francese, brioche, and country. Their feta croissant and bread pudding are also very good. They always have free samples sitting out, and sometimes I sneak a few.

I’m so glad we found this place. I’d driven by it plenty of times and had no idea what deliciousness lied within. Its outside is nondescript. You can only tell Iggy’s is in there by a tiny sign on the brick, which is hard to read from the road. It looks like a warehouse otherwise. We only discovered it from a friend and coworker who lives in the neighborhood. A true local business.

Iggy’s, you never disappoint.

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