25 June 2019

The Iced Latte

an iced latte with palm fronds in the background

An iced latte, my all time favorite coffee drink. You’ve probably heard me go on and on about it before. I think there’s nothing better than this.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, my best friend, casual sip and study, my go-to at any coffee shop. Hot lattes are good, but I inherently have this obsession with iced things (ice cream, iced coffee) that my parents (and other coffee drinkers) just don’t understand. But, if you know, you know. Iced lattes are where it’s at. Shout out to all my iced coffee lovers out there!

I love to try different coffee shops, and my rating system for a coffee house is as follows: (1) Get an iced latte. (2) If the iced latte is nutty and creamy and sweet, then that barista loves you and took the time to make you a damn good drink. That’s really good coffee.

I think the milk makes all the difference too. The nutty, satisfying flavor of the iced latte is imparted by the espresso, but it’s accentuated by the creaminess of the milk. Try an iced latte with skim milk, and you’ll say “meh.” Get it with 2% or whole milk, and suddenly it’s “wow.” No extra flavoring required.

Give me a good iced latte, and we’ll be friends for life!


The Iced Latte

Course Drinks


  • 2 oz espresso (my favorite is Old Black Magic Espresso by Coffee Emporium)
  • 10 oz cold milk
  • Ice


  • Pull a double shot of espresso (2 oz, or 60 mL). Pour 10 oz of milk into your cup, add ice into the milk, and then pour the double shot of espresso into the milk/ice. Don’t pour the espresso directly over the ice, as this will shock the espresso and ruin its flavor. Top with more milk or ice as needed.

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