I live just outside of Boston, but rarely go into the city. I love Boston, and think it’s one of the best cities in the world, but I get so comfortable in my little nook. Why go into the city when I have Hulu at my fingertips, Trader joes across the street, and Cormac on the couch? But I’ve been wanting to take a tour on one of these duck boats since I moved here, and I finally said… enough is enough!

These duck boats are so cute!

A duck boat tour is a tour through the city on a vehicle that is like a bus, but that turns into a boat and floats down the Charles River. I told my fiance that I wanted to do one of these ages ago, and he replied with “Sarah, those are dangerous.” Here I thought I was the overly cautious one. Well, my friend and I set a time, showed up, and risked our lives for some history and views. It ended up being incredible! Now we have plans to go on more tours of the city soon.

I learned so much about the city of Boston (I’m basically an expert now). It’s crazy to think that I live in a city with so much history, and the place where the United States basically began. And once we got onto the water, they let the kids take the wheel. When the kiddos were done, our tour guide Lenient Louis said, “Anyone else?” Well, I was sitting right there, so why not? I hopped up and took the wheel.

Buckle up everyone, and just call me captain.

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