Christophe Artisan Chocolatier, Charleston

24 February 2020

I continue my quest for good — nay, great — food in Charleston. This morning, macarons and chocolate are on the menu. While at dinner on our first night in Charleston, we were browsing through macaron shops on our phones when our waitress overheard us and recommended the best macarons in Charleston at Christophe’s on Society Street. She wrote it down on our receipt, and I kept it in my purse as a keepsake, anxiously awaiting until we could get there to try them.

If this place does anything right, it’s their chocolate and macarons. I ordered two flavors — vanilla and chocolate — and a small chocolate bar. Both macarons were excellent, but the chocolate macaron was the best chocolate macaron I’ve ever had. Their coffee was good, but not spectacular. We both ordered the Stella, which is iced coffee made with their signature chocolate.

With it’s celebration of French culture, I fell in love, and went back for seconds the next day. This city is full of that historic French flair, rich culture, good food, and kindness, and I think that’s why I feel so at home here.

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