Cafe Noisette

9 May 2018

A café noisette is espresso with a dash of steamed milk. It literally means “hazelnut coffee.” It is so named either because the dash of milk is hazelnut sized, or because adding the milk turns it hazelnut in color. Who knows the truth? I don’t, but who cares? It’s delicious all the same.

The equivalent of the Italian macchiato, this drink is commonly served in the cafés of Paris, and is loved by those who adore the intense, dark flavor of espresso (as a Frenchman or woman would).

The milk is either poured in by the barista before serving, or served in a small pot for the drinker to pour.


The Cafe Noisette

Course Drinks


  • 1 shot espresso
  • 1 ½ teaspoon steamed milk


  • Pull 1 shot of espresso. Top the espresso with steamed milk.

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