Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland

5 December 2021

I’m from Ohio, and some may find it shocking that I have never seen Cleveland. Yes, I have technically been to the city for basketball games, to row in the Head of the Cuyahoga regatta during my crew era, and once I flew out of Cleveland on my way to Ireland. But, I have never truly been to Cleveland, to explore the city the way…

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Butter Sage Jam and Cheddar Sandwich

29 November 2021

When the sage hits the bubbling butter in the pan, it hits me all at once like a freight train. I’m taken right back to… I don’t know what. I can’t pin it down, but it feels so familiar. It makes my mouth water but also surrounds me in a warm embrace and I feel so much of the memory but I can’t quite remember…

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The Druid, Cambridge

7 September 2021

Dear everyone, today I want to share with you the best kept secret in Boston: The Druid, an Irish pub located in Inman Square in Cambridge. I’ve been to a lot of Irish pubs in Boston, but none compare to this one. This place is as authentic as it comes. It is the best Irish pub I’ve ever been to in the United States. Walk…

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Zucchini Bread

4 September 2021

When the summer season is coming to an end, the first thing I want to do is make pumpkin bread. Yes, I am one of those people. As soon as Pumpkin Spice was released at Starbucks this year, I ran to the store to buy canned pumpkin to get my baking mode on. Much to my dismay, the local grocery store had not yet stocked…

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February Favorites

19 February 2021

one / / carly riordan I’ve been so into Carly’s blog lately. Previously known as Carly Heitlinger or Carly the Prepster, she recently got married and changed her name. I’ve known about her for a very long time but didn’t feel like I really connected with her content before now (Hey, that’s okay! We were at different points in our lives and my interests weren’t…

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How to Make Chemex Coffee

17 February 2021

Using my Chemex Coffeemaker is one of my favorite ways to make coffee. Because the Chemex is made of nonporous, heat resistant glass, it brews a pure and flavorful cup of coffee without imparting of any its own flavors. There is no bitterness, acidity, or any residual sediment. Follow my blog with Bloglovin…

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Diary No. 2

2 February 2021

These past couple of months have been an absolute blur. I feel so completely burnt out. So much has been going on that I finally had a minute to breathe and do nothing yesterday and it was glorious. I miss what it felt like to not have anything to do for once! So, now that I have time, here is what has been going on…

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Picking Our Interior Paint Colors

24 September 2020

This past Saturday, my husband and I went to go pick out the paint colors for our new home. We finally decided on a painter — a guy who was recommended to us by a friend, who does “excellent work” and is “a hell of a painter.” He starts next week!! I am SO excited for this to get under way, and to show you…

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We bought a house!

16 September 2020

Yes, you read that right — we bought a house IN THE SAME WEEK that we got married. Call us crazy, because that’s exactly what we are! We didn’t plan for it all to happen at once, but it did and man it was a crazy week. I could hardly wait to get married because all I wanted to do was move in and work…

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